Add a personal touch to your home with these wheelie bin and outdoor caddie address decal stickers.

These stickers are designed for your bins and have a seven year outdoor life guarantee.  They are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and long lasting.

The stickers are black, with each digit and letter separated, to stick on to the white panel of the wheelie bin and outdoor caddie.

Each order is for a set of two stickers that will fit in the white panel area of your bin and caddie. Text sizes will vary, depending on the amount of letters in your street name. So, the least amount of letters result in larger text!
One wheelie bin sticker 16cm wide.
One outdoor caddie sticker 11cm wide.

Complete with easy application instructions.

Free delivery within five working days.

When placing your order, please add your house name or number and street name only, in the 'ORDER COMMENTS' box.

Please use your house name or number and street name as the reference when paying by BACS or PAYPAL.