Screen printing

Screen printing is a permanent print, which will last over 100 washes without cracking or peeling off and is a ideal print process for any quantities.

Every different design requires a screen for each colour in the design. 

We charge you for this procedure because of the time, equipment and products used.  

Each screen can have two different designs and different design sizes from 9cm up to 25cm for each design. 

We charge £30.00 per screen and for future repeat print runs from the screen, we charge £10.00 for each set up and no screen charge.  

We print one or two colours on each panel. For a one colour print, the screen price would be £30.00 and £60.00 for a two colour print.

We also charge for the printing procedure and do this by the amount of prints on each garment.  

For one print, in one colour, on one panel is £1.00 per print. For one print, in two colours, on one panel is £1.80.  

If you require part of your order in a different colour, we charge £10.00 per colour change on each print run

For a long lasting print, wash printed garments inside out, on medium temperature and iron inside out.

We keep your screen for three months should you require repeat orders from the screen.

There is no minimum order quantity.