Scary Owl and Chirpy Owl craft kit.


Scary Owl and Chirpy Owl craft kit.

This exciting Owl colouring kit is a fantastic craft activity
for all ages over five years old.

What makes this craft set such excellent value is:

The handy mini sized bag can be used for children to
shop with or as a lunch bag, gift bag or party bag.

The templates in this craft kit for drawing Scary Owl and
Chirpy Owl on to the bag, have a thick black outline which
gives good visibility to trace through on to the bag. Once
completed with Scary Owl on one side and Chirpy Owl on
the other side, you have created your very own bag with a
colourful print to both sides.

The fabric crayons can be used on other cotton fabrics
and not just for the use with the bag, because they can be
used to draw names and pictures on to t-shirts, curtains,
pillow cases, quilt covers, school bags.... the list is
endless. The fabric crayons become permanent once
pressed with a hot iron.

The craft kit includes:
1 cotton bag, colour: beige, size: 26cm high, 22cm wide,
12cm strap drop.
2 paper templates: size: 17cm high, 14cm wide.
4 ArtCraft permanent fabric crayons: black, yellow, brown,
1 pencil.
Full instructions.
Each craft set comes as a A5 package.

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