A pack of 7 Berol fabric colouring dye crayons, in red, black, brown, yellow,  green, light blue and dark blue.

These are genuine Berol brand fabric dye crayons, with a custom made label.

With these clever fabric dye crayons you can personalise cotton T-shirts, jackets, aprons, bags, table cloths, tea towels, banners, curtains, pencil cases, pillow cases and quilt covers.  They are perfect for brass rubbing too.  

Unlike the fabric pens, these fabric crayons don't push through to the other side of the garment, they sit on top of the garment leaving a nice smooth finish.

These fabric dye crayons give a great coverage on light coloured T-shirts, perfect for stag and hen parties, to draw individual names on.

The crayons are chunky style, 8cm long x 8mm wide, so they don't break or snap very easy, perfect for children.

You simply lay your choice of fabric on a flat firm surface, draw and colour in a design directly on to the fabric. Once you are happy with your finished drawing, cover with paper and press with a hot iron for 30 seconds to create a permanent, washable print.  

Instructions are included.

The colour of the fabric dye crayons do not become permanent until they have been pressed through paper with a hot iron. If you make a mistake, quickly wash it out with a warm soapy sponge and start again.

For us to sell these crayons at a good price to our customers, we need to keep our postage costs low, so these crayons are packed in an envelope and not a box, to ensure the weight of each pack is no more than 100 grams.