Colouring packs

Our themed cotton bag and t-shirt colouring-in packs are a lovely gift idea, a past time for rainy days and a creative activity for all ages over three years.  The bag packs are 100% cotton, natural or white, 38cm wide, 42cm high, 30cm strap drop.  The t-shirts are 100% cotton, white, soft style, 5-6, 7-8 or 
9-11 years of age.  This is a 100% plastic free product, we use water based ink to print the outline of every design and we offer free delivery.

Pricing for bag and t-shirt colouring in packs

 1 - 5 bag packs - £4.90 each
6 - 50 bag packs - £3.60 each
50+ bag packs - £2.90 each
1 - 5 t-shirt packs - £6.50 each
6 - 50 t-shirt packs - £5.20 each 
50+ t-shirt packs - £4.50 each

Each cotton bag and T-shirt is individually packed with product information and three different coloured, permanent, textile crayons. We also print custom designs for tourist attractions and businesses, with minimum orders of 50 units, all printed with the same design.